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Shure SM27 Cardioid Large-Diaphragm FET Studio Condenser Microphone


Shure SM27 Cardioid Large-Diaphragm FET Studio Condenser Microphone

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Shure SM27

Cardioid Condenser Microphone

The SM27 is a large-diaphragm FET condenser with a fixed cardioid pickup pattern.

It is a revision and upgrade of the KSM27, and shares the same edge-terminated single-diaphragm capsule. The capsule membrane measures 25mm in diameter and is made of 2.5-micron, gold-plated Mylar. A dual-diaphragm version of this capsule can be found in the KSM44, KSM44A, and KSM42.

The mic has a 3-position high-pass filter:

  • Flat
  • -6dB/octave at 115Hz (rolloff)
  • -18dB/octave at 80Hz (cutoff)

A second switch enables a -15dB pad.

The amplifier circuit is a Class A, discrete, transformerless design. It incorporates a non-switchable subsonic filter to remove audio noise below 17Hz.

How does the SM27 differ from the KSM27?

  • The SM27 is a different color (charcoal grey, rather than champagne).
  • The SM27 has 5.5dB greater dynamic range, due to improvements in the amplifier circuit.
  • The SM27 has lower self-noise: 9.5dBA vs. 14dBA.

The mics’ capsules, 3-layer grilles, and most other specifications are otherwise identical. The mics’ frequency-response charts are identical.


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