Zildjian Cymbals by Series A (Avedis) Series: The Zildjain Avedis cymbals, commonly called Zildjian A cymbals, are the pinnacle of the Zildjan Cymbal product line, and are the most widely professionally used crash, hi hat, splash, and ride cymbals ever produced.A Custom Series: Zildjian A Custom cymbals take the A series, or Avedis, to the next level with their brilliant look and tone.K Custom Series: Setting the standard for modern cymbal design, the Zildjian K Custom cymbals are the choice for many top level jazz drummers. Z3 Series: Loud, powerful and cutting… That’s how we sum up the Zildjian Z3 series cymbals. For intense playing styles, nothing beats ’em.ZBT Series: Budget, low priced, and cheap cymbals never had much quality until the Zildjian ZBT Series was launched. Inexpensive cymbals always sounded dull, but the new ZBT Series brings a brilliant shimmering tone to the price-driven buyer.ZXT Series: The Zildjian ZXT Series of Cymbals bridges the gap between entry level price and performance and higher levels of quality and tone to moderate price levels.

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