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World Music Supply presents a remarkable collection of acoustic basses, delivering deep, resonant tones and excellent playability. These instruments offer a unique and versatile sound for bass players who seek the warm, earthy tones of an acoustic bass. Whether you’re a seasoned bassist or a beginner, our acoustic basses cater to all skill levels. Featuring quality craftsmanship and reliable construction, our acoustic basses provide exceptional durability and long-lasting performance. With a variety of body styles and tonewoods to choose from, you can find the perfect acoustic bass that suits your musical preferences and style. Experience the richness and depth of sound with our acoustic basses, available at World Music Supply.

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  • Breedlove Pursuit Exotic S Concert Twilight CE Acoustic Bass Guitar Ser# CC230301033
  • 000cjr10ebassburst-01-9164.jpg
  • gs-mini-ebass-koa-3251.jpg
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