Ibanez WH10V3 WAH Pedal


Ibanez WH10V3 WAH Pedal

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A cult-classic. The Ibanez WH10V3 Wah presents the third incarnation of the iconic ’80s wah pedal, made famous by the legendary John Frusciante. Offering the same snappy funk tones that gave the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ guitarist his mass status, the WH10V3 features an expansive frequency range that can be controlled via the depth control. So you can explore every corner of its sonic potential, or keep your sound tight and controlled. The power is with you. But what makes the third release of the WH10 so special, is the addition of a true bypass option. This way, you can experience the screaming power of the original, whilst maintaining exceptional clarity throughout your unique tone. Whether you’re a guitar player or a bassist – the WH10V3 delivers its sensational wah effect across both instruments, thanks to an integrated mode switch. And you can trust that it’s ready for performance, with a robust die-cast housing. Celebrate Frusciante’s return to the Chili Peppers, with the wah pedal he brought to fame.




  • Pedal Type  Wah effect
  • Depth Knob  +6 to +20dB
  • Guitar Range  350Hz – 2.2kHz
  • Bass Range  175Hz – 1.1kHz


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