Vox VECE Cutting Edge High Gain Pedal W/NuTube


Vox VECE Cutting Edge High Gain Pedal W/NuTube

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Inspired by the meticulous and tight tones heard on modern metal records, the Cutting Edge goes beyond the amp-in-a-box category to offer a truly flexible valve distortion pedal. The all-analog signal path and Nutube allow for genuine overdrive and distortion tones with the feel of a real tube amp, while internally boosted voltage gives greater headroom and dynamics. Plus, the OLED display shows an oscilloscope while the pedal is active or bypassed, allowing you to understand exactly how your signal is affected. Three output modes allow you to use this as a standard pedal, a line-level preamp, and a direct amp-sim using the built-in analog cabinet simulator. Use STANDARD mode with your normal guitar rig to totally transform your amp, or use PREAMP or CAB-SIM mode while recording directly into your audio interface. In each mode, the all-analog design and active EQ allow you to perfectly dial in the sound you need in any situation.

  • Valve distortion pedal with all-analog signal path
  • Tight and precise modern metal tones
  • Powered by Nutube
  • Three output modes for use as a pedal or preamp
  • Selectable analog cabinet simulator
  • OLED display with oscilloscope
  • Active EQ to shape your signal
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