USED Fender 1981 Deluxe Reverb Amplifier


USED Fender 1981 Deluxe Reverb Amplifier

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Bill Schultz was hired by CBS to run Fender in 1981 and immediately started turning the company around. He later led and employee buyout of Fender in 1985, firmly putting the venerable company on the way back to its iconic status. These late blackface amps were part of Fender’s return to hipness. Smaller headstocks on the guitars came back as well in this era. This amp is point-to-point wired, offering a fuller tonal range and greater sweetness than the previous pull-boost models. Bill Schultz was a hero, pushing Fender out of its long corporate nightmare and making high quality a priority again. 


Brand: Fender

Model: Deluxe Reverb

Finish: Black

Modifications: Stock

Year: 1981

Made In: United States



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