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Tama HP310L Speed Cobra 310 Single Bass Drum Pedal


Tama HP310L Speed Cobra 310 Single Bass Drum Pedal

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With all of the features of it’s brood mate, the 300 Series Speed Cobra is an ultra lightweight, dual-chain pedal with a longer footboard that makes it rapidly accelerate the power and speed of the beater stroke, with less physical effort. Additionally, the smoother playing surface reduces friction between your foot and the footboard. Also, recessed setting position makes it possible to achieve a perfect balance between the natural playing feel of the chain drive’s motion and lighter action. The pedal also has the round shaped LiteSprocket for natural feel and smooth action. Compared with Iron Cobra’s sprocket, this version decreases its weight by 40%. The beater angle is adjustable and dual sided beaters enhance your control over your stroke and sound.Features:Long footboardRecessed settingLite SprocketDouble-chain DriveSpring Tension AdjustmentBeater Angle AdjustmentDual-sided beater

Weight 13 lbs


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