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Radial Engineering SB-1-ACTIVE Compact Active DI Direct Box


Radial Engineering SB-1-ACTIVE Compact Active DI Direct Box for acoustic guitar & bass 48V phantom powered

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Radial SB-1 Active Compact DI for Acoustic Guitar

Active Direct Box

The Radial StageBug SB-1 is a high-performance active direct box made for players that are on the move. Made to fit inside a guitar case, the SB-1 is the smallest Radial DI box ever! But don’t let the small size deter… this ultra-compact StageBug sounds absolutely terrific!

Ultra-compact DI
The design begins with standard ¼ instrument input with a thru-put to feed your tuner or your on-stage amp. The ultra-quiet active circuit at once converts the signal from high to low impedance to reduce susceptibility to noise. The signal is then buffered and balanced for long cable runs to the PA system. 48 volt phantom provides the power, so the SB-1 does not require batteries or external supply to make it work. You simply plug in and you are ready to go!

StageBug SB-1 Applications

Acoustic guitar live
The StageBug SB-1 is plug & play easy to use. Connect and it automatically converts your Hi-z instrument signal to lo-Z and balances it for long runs.

Recording bass direct
Record your bass direct using the StageBug SB-1. This improves the tone and reduces noise by properly matching the impedance of the instrument.

Adding an amp or tuner
Use the SB1 thru output to feed your on-stage amplifier. For fun, add pedals after the SB-1 to color your tone on-stage while leaving the PA signal clean.




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