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Radial Engineering PRODI Passive DI Direct Box


BSS Audio AR133 Active DI Direct Box

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The AR-133 Active DI Box from BSS Audio uses an enhanced version of the same audio path as the AR-116, now regarded by many people as a reference standard. The sound quality is legendary, particularly on acoustic and bass guitars. Numerous applications can be satisfied by the AR-133. For example, as well as the traditional guitar use, the AR-133 can be used with keyboards, DJ consoles, amplifier outputs, and other electronic sources. An additional bonus is the ability to use the AR-133 as an active balancing device.

Input connectors are both 1/4″ jack sockets and an XLR socket, the latter meaning that the AR-133 can be used to convert unbalanced signals to a balanced output on XLRs throughout. The arched case allows cables to run back underneath the unit from the end for neat cable management. Input attenuation is 0, -20 or -40dB, making the box suitable for instrument, line or amplifier levels on inputs. On the output side, a ground-lift switch is provided for quick solutions to ground-loop problems.

The BSS AR-133 includes phantom power and battery supplies as standard. Should the phantom power from the console fail or be accidentally switched off, the AR-133 automatically switches over to the internal 9V battery providing uninterrupted use. This unit is housed in a rugged aluminum extrusion case, with robust polyurethane end-cheeks which give the AR-133 a very distinctive look. 


    • Switchable input attenuation
    • 0dB for guitar-type pickups
    • -20dB for line level signals
    • -40dB for speaker feeds
    • Matches the level and impedance with unity gain without loading the source
    • Can drive signals up long cable lengths
    • Powered from console phantom power or internal battery
    • Automatic switchover to battery if phantom power fails
    • Parallel Link Jack output to feed amplifiers directly
    • Parallel XLR input for converting unbalanced outputs to balanced lines
    Input Section

    • Input Impedance 1MOhm (pad at 0dB) 47kOhm (pad at -20dB) 47kOhm (pad at -40dB)
    • Max Input Level +9dBu (pad at 0dB) +29dBu (pad at -20dB) +49dBu (pad at -40dB)
    • Connectors: Two Parallel 1/4″ jack connectors and a parallel XLR connector (unbalanced)
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