PreSonus® Monitor Station V2 Monitoring Controller


Presonus Monitor Station 2 6 Channel Headphone Amplifier & Monitor Switcher

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PreSonus® Monitor Station V2 Monitoring Controller

With its intuitive layout, extensive features and I/O and PreSonus®’ famed sound quality, the Monitor Station V2 provides a versatile, convenient and affordable solution for managing your studio monitoring system from your desktop. Switch quickly and easily between up to four audio sources, including two pairs of balanced ¼-inch inputs and a third input channel that can be fed from an S/PDIF digital input (up to 96 kHz), unbalanced RCA Aux inputs with gain control and a ⅛-inch TRS unbalanced input. A button switches between the analog Aux and digital S/PDIF inputs.

Audition on up to three stereo pairs of speakers, each with separate level control. All speakers can be available, or one pair at a time, or choose between speakers A and B, with output C active to feed a subwoofer. You can set each set of speakers’ level individually so when you switch between speakers, your monitoring level stays the same.

Four loud, clear ¼-inch TRS headphone outs ensure everyone hears every note. Each headphone out has a Main/Cue source selector and individual output-level control. A built-in, electret-condenser Talkback mic let you communicate with the musicians. A flaming red Talk button activates the mic and attenuates the cue signal. Eight-segment, three-color LED meters indicate left and right signal levels and can be set in for +4 dB, +10 dB, or +18 dB levels.

So take control of your monitoring system the way the pros do with the PreSonus Monitor Station V2!


  • 2 Stereo pairs of ¼-inch TRS inputs, 1 Stereo pair of RCA Aux inputs with level control and 1 Stereo S/PDIF coaxial (RCA) digital input (44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz)
  • 3 Stereo pairs of ¼-inch TRS speaker outputs with level controls, 1 Stereo pair of ¼-inch TRS Main outputs and 1 Stereo pair of ¼-inch TRS Cue outputs
  • 4 ¼-inch TRS screaming-loud stereo headphone outputs
  • Large Main level control
  • 3 Individual Main Source (ST1, ST2, Aux) select switches
  • 3 Individual Speaker Select switches
  • Cue section with Source select (ST1, ST2, Aux) and output-level control
  • Main Mute, Mono, and Dim switches with variable Dim attenuation
  • 8-segment color LED input meters with selectable reference level
  • Built-in electret-condenser talkback microphone with input-gain control and Talkback button

Additional Controls.

The Monitor Station V2 offers many features to customize your monitoring system. A Mono switch sums the stereo outputs to check for phase problems. A large knob controls the main speaker output level (but not the main line-level outs), and a Dim switch lets you reduce the speaker output by a variable amount. You can mute the speakers as well.



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