Novation MinNova 37 Key Compact Studio or Live Synthesizer


Novation MinNova 37 Key Compact Studio or Live Synthesizer

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Novation MinNova 37 Key Compact Studio or Live Synthesizer

Whether you’re a music production novice taking your first steps in synthesis, a keyboard player in a touring band, or an experienced sound designer, our backpack-sized beast more than delivers.

Built on the UltraNova sound engine, MiniNova has more polyphony, more filter types, more effects and more modulation than any other synthesizer in its class. It even has a built-in vocoder. And with USB bus power, you can easily hook it up to your computer and bring it wherever your music takes you.


  • Make huge sounds – Create dirty-fat bass, soaring leads, lush pads and vintage sounds with up to 18 voices and powerful effects
  • Intuitive control – tweak your patches with the knobs, or totally warp them with the Animate buttons
  • Create unique vocals – talk or sing into the included microphone and run your voice through the synth and its effects engine
  • Find your sound fast – Instantly search through 256 preset sounds by type or musical genre, plus save 128 more of your own.
  • Layer effects – each voice can be processed with up to five effects, including distortion, reverb, chorus, phase, delay, compressor, and EQ

Find your sound fast

MiniNova comes with 256 killer sounds, space to save another 128 of your own, and a Patch Librarian for loading and storing as many extra sounds on your computer as you’ll ever need.

That’s a lot of choice, but you can easily search through them by selecting your style or music, or the type of sound you’re after. Bass? Lead? Techno? Hip Hop? Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find your sound fast. Don’t worry if you’re lacking inspiration: we’re always releasing new free soundpacks for MiniNova, which we create with renowned artists and sound designers.

Create unique vocals

MiniNova’s Vocoder comes with a secret weapon: Vocal Tune. Talk or sing into the mic, and your voice will automatically be tuned to the notes you play on the keyboard.

Or, to do something totally unique with your voice, run it through the effects engine. Add reverb, distortion, chorus/phaser, gator compression or EQ – whatever you need to create attention-grabbing vocals, or recreate iconic vocal lines.

Don’t limit yourself to vocals either: Plug in your instrument or any audio source to do really cool stuff with MiniNova’s VocalTune, vocoder, filters and effects.

Animate and arpeggiate

Switch to ‘Animate’ mode and press one of the eight backlit buttons to trigger awesome performance functions.

Switch to ‘Arpeggiator’ mode to jam with arpeggiator rhythms in realtime, using the buttons to edit the arpeggiator step sequencer so you can switch steps in and out.

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