MXR M279 Deep Phase Phaser Pedal


MXR M279 Deep Phase Phaser Pedal

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The MXR Deep Phase Pedal delivers uniquely expressive vintage phaser tones with the impeccable build quality and tweakabiity that MXR is famous for.

  • 1 SPEED knob adjusts the effect rate
  • 2 FDBK knob adjusts intensity of the effect
  • 3 MODE II switch toggles between 4 and 8 phase shifter stages (amber LED indicates 8 phase shifter stages)
  • 4 Footswitch toggles effect on/off (blue LED indicates on)


  • Input Impedance 1MΩ
  • Output Impedance < 100 Ω
  • LFO Range 0.15 to 50 Hz
  • Phase Stages
  • Mode I 4
  • Mode II 8
  • Bypass True Bypass
  • Current Draw 18 mA
  • Power Supply 9 volts DC




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