Marshall Ltd Edition 20 Watt 2203 head in Stealth Black


Marshall Ltd Edition 20 Watt 2203 head in Stealth Black

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Marshall presents the Studio Classic SC20H 20-Watt Guitar Amplifier Head. Now you can take the renowned Marshall JCM800 2203 tone with you easily to gigs and studios. Featuring classic Marshall design, awesome sound, and unprecedented portability, this head is great for players looking for high-end sound in an easily transportable package.

Classic Marshall Design
Designed and built to be simple and functional, this head has straight-forward controls that will get you the best sound possible. The front panel features power and standby switches, as well as two inputs—high and low sensitivity. The Pre-Amp volume channel controls the overdrive/gain in the preamp, while master volume controls the amp’s overall volume output. You can adjust your EQ levels with the treble, middle, and bass controls, and bring your sound front and center with the presence knob. This head even has an effects loop and DI out.

Awesome Sound
The Marshall JCM800 2203 is one of the most sought after amplifier sounds in history. This compact head brings that tone back using 2 ECC83 valves, 1 ECC83 (phase splitter) and 2 EL34s. While it’s been downsized a bit, this baby still packs a punch. You can achieve beautiful, bright clean tones, or heavy rock sounds, which always maintain their Marshall character.

Unprecedented Portability
Having a super-powered, high-watt head is great, but not always necessary for every player. Many of us don’t need that much power and would rather not have to move gear that heavy all the time. That’s why Marshall created this Studio Classic head. It’s 20-watts of Marshall power that you can take anywhere with ease. You can even drop to 5 watts if you’re playing in a more subdued environment.


  • 20W Head
  • Recreates the Classic Sound of the JCM800 2203
  • 3 x ECC83 and 2 x EL34 Valves
  • High and Low Sensitivity Inputs
  • Preamp Volume Control and Three-Band EQ
  • Effects Loop and DI Out
  • 5W Power Reduction



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