Laney TI-BOOST Tony Iommi Signature Boost Pedal


Laney TI-BOOST Tony Iommi Signature Boost Pedal – Made in UKs

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The TI-BOOST is an amazing sounding pedal. Designed in conjunction with long time Laney artist Tony Iommi to be a significant part of his tour rig for the final ever Black Sabbath tour. The TI-BOOST replicates the significant bass cut and mid boost of Tony’s original “modified” Dallas Arbiter Range Master pedal, but we have included a little more gain and some enhanced EQ options to make it more appealing to every player looking to find their own sounds. The TI-BOOST gives you the guitar tone recognised for decades around the world by millions


  • Used on stage by Tony
  • Tony Iommi’s signature gain pedal
  • Battery or PSU powered
  • Solid metal chassis construction
  • Low battery consumption
  • Battery Supplied/PSU available



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