HeadRush Backpack for Guitar Multi Effects Processor


Headrush Backpack for Guitar Multi Effects Processor

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The HeadRush Backpack is a premium carrying case custom-designed for the Headrush Pedalboard, HeadRush Looperboard and HeadRush Gigboard. The HeadRush Backpack is loaded with choice features that provide the ultimate in gear protection and comfort, including heavy-duty outer fabric with extra thick internal foam, molded rubber handles, shock-absorptive feet, thick comfortable backpack straps and a breathable mesh fabric back panel. Additionally, the HeadRush Backpack features generous-sized pockets for storing both large and small accessories, leaving your hands free to carry guitars and/or FRFR speakers so you can cut down on load-in times. Whether the gig or rehearsal is down the street or 5,000 miles away, the HeadRush Backpack is the only premium carrying case to consider for the HeadRush Pedalboard, Looperboard or Gigboard.

Backpack Features:

  • Custom designed to fit the HeadRush Pedalboard, Looperboard, Gigboard
  • Heavy-duty outer fabric with extra thick internal foam padding 
  • Comfortable hide-away backpack straps and breathable mesh fabric back panel 
  • Thick molded rubber top and side handles; shock-absorptive rubber feet
  • Large front pocket fits laptops, sheet music, cables, and other large items
  • Small front pocket fits pedals, strings, power supplies, and other small items
  • Internal pockets for guitar picks, earplugs, spare change, and other smaller items
  • Includes 10 hook-and-loop straps for cable organization 
  • Foam spacers to help provide tight fit for Looperboard and Gigboard
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