Gator Gator GPT Pedal Board with Gig Bag 18 inch x 12 Inch


Gator GPT-BLACK Pedal Board with Gig Bag 18 inch x 12 Inch with Velcro Face for Pedal Attachment

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The Gator Pedal Tote is a multi

The Gator Pedal Tote is a multi-pedal FX board. The Gator pedal board is simply a board for mounting your existing pedals onto. It does not come with any effects pedals.


For the benefit of those of you who do indeed already have your FX pedals, and are looking for a board to put them all on, let us proceed. The Gator Pedal Tote is a 16.5 by 12 inch board, made out of high-density plywood, with the top surface coated in Velcro, for the easy, temporary attachment of pedals. Additional Velcro is also provided, which when attached to your foot pedals, will allow them to sit securely on the Gator pedal board. The back edge of the board is raised off the ground, providing space for the power supplies and cables, which can be fed through the access holes in the surface of the pedal board. Obviously it’s going to depend on the size of the pedals that you wish to attach to this board, but it is designed as a multi-pedal board, and can hold up to six reasonably sized, single-pedal FX pedals.


The Gator Pedal Tote also comes with an attached carry handle, which is intended for use with the nylon carry bag that ships with this product as standard. The pedal board is easily placed into the matching, black bag for simple transport and storage. The bag also features a front pocket, which can be used to store cables, power supplies, additional pedals, or anything else your heart might desire that is of reasonable size of course. It’s strongly suggested that you don’t try to store your electric guitar in the front pocket. It won’t fit.


-16.5″ x 12″ Pedal board

-Pedal board constructed of plywood covered in Tolex

-Pedal board comes with carry handle which slides into a 600-Denier
nylon padded carrying case

-Pedal board has access holes for cables to run below board to utilize
4 supplied mounting screws for most multi output power supplies

-Exterior pocket for cables

 -Face of pedal board covered with Velcro for attaching pedals

 -Attachment Velcro included

-Black exterior

Weight 16 lbs


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