Fender EXP-1 Expression Pedal


Fender EXP-1 Expression Pedal

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OWN YOUR TONE WITH GREAT-SOUNDING STOMPBOXESMake your Mustang amp or multi-effects unit more fun, expressive and versatile. The EXP-1 Expression Pedal is a dynamic dual-mode digital pedal that controls the volume or amp/effect parameters on Mustang” GTX 50 and 100, GT III, IV and V amplifiers and on Mustang Floor multi-effects unit. Switch between “Volume” and “Expression” modes by stepping on the toe-end of the pedal. Red and green LEDs indicate the mode in use.The Volume mode—indicated by an illuminated green LED—controls the master volume or can be turned off. The Expression mode—indicated by illumination of the red LED—controls most Mustang amp and effects parameters, such as frequency and modulation effects.


  • Sturdy metal chassis
  • Dual Volume and Expression modes with illuminated LED indicators
  • Footswitchable control
  • Compatible with Mustang GTX 50 and 100, GT III, IV and V amplifiers and Mustang Floor unit
  • 1/4″ input and output jacks
Weight 36 lbs

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