Bogner ECSTASY-BLUE-MINI Overdrive – Based on Ecstasy Amplifier’s Blue Channel


Bogner ECSTASY-BLUE-MINI Overdrive – Based on Ecstasy Amplifier’s Blue Channel

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When Bogner first distilled the Ecstasy amplifier’s blue channel into a pedal, guitarists everywhere immediately adopted them into their rigs for their unparalleled dynamics and amp-like response. After listening to many of the pedal’s faithful devotees, Reinhold found one way he could enhance an already great design. Introducing the Bogner Ecstasy Blue Mini.

With the exact same gain structure, EQ, and overall performance as its big brother, the Ecstasy Blue Mini is able to effortlessly swing from pristine clean boost to raging plexi tones. This tiny powerhouse does it while fitting comfortably on your pedalboard.

On the front of the pedal, you’ll find three mini toggles that fine-tuning the pedal’s grit, feel, and top-end character. Flip the pedal over and you’ll even find easy access to an internal trim pot for dialing in the midrange frequencies, just the way you like. As far as sheer tonal quality and sonic flexibility, it’s hard to beat the Bogner Ecstasy’s blue channel. Now you can command that same top-tier tone with the tap of your toe.

Great Thing, Small Package
Pedalboards are increasingly crowded situations these days, and real estate-hungry pedals often find themselves being pushed out. That’s why Bogner created the Ecstasy Blue Mini. It boasts all of the touch-sensitive character and massive gain range of its predecessor, but is ideally suited to your setup.

Familiar Control Layout
Reinhold continued to stay true to the Ecstasy amplifier’s blue channel with the pedal’s EQ and control layout. The 3-band EQ is voiced to precisely represent the amp, with mini toggles for variac, pre eq, and gain that define the pedal’s overall tonal character, allowing you to go from crystal clear tonal enhancer to raw, overdriven rock tones. What differs in this mini pedal is that the 3-band EQ is active with a sweepable mid frequency vs. the original pedal, which has a passive EQ. 

From a Name Synonymous with Rock
It’s Reinhold Bogner’s commitment to always pushing the sound of guitar forward while paying homage to the classic tones of yesterday that has captured the ears of players such as Steve Lukather, Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge, Creed, Solo), Walter Becker (Steely Dan), and Justin Derrico (Pink, The Voice). This legend of amplification knows what great tone is. And that’s exactly what the Bogner Ecstasy Blue Mini delivers.


Built in the U.S.A.
High grade components selected for their superior sound and response 
True bypass
Master Controls: Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass and Volume
Variac On/Off switch:  adds a “dropped voltage” dynamic compression to the feel and sound
Pre-EQ Switch: B1 and B2 settings control “openness” and presence of higher range harmonics
9VDC Power Jack (no battery)



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