Dunlop CBJ95 Crybaby Junior Wah Pedal


Dunlop CBJ95 Cry baby Junior Wah Pedal

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The Cry Baby Junior Wah features front-mounted jacks and an 8″ housing for clean configurations on the world’s most popular boards so that you don’t have to choose between a tidy layout and your Cry Baby Wah fix.



The Cry Baby Junior Wah is purpose-built for pedalboards. Designed in collaboration with Pedal train, this wah has been carefully crafted for maximum layout efficiency on the worlds most popular boards. Front-mounted input, output, and power jacks allow for a tighter configuration of pedals, freeing up space on the sides that would normally be taken up by cable ends. And speaking of cables, the Cry Baby Junior Wah’s 8” housing length lines up perfectly with the routing spaces on boards such as those from Pedal trains Metro Series, in particular well as those from the Classic, Novo, and Terra Series for a nice, clean arrangement of cords.

 The Cry Baby Junior Wah allows for just as much versatility in tone as it does for your pedal board layout. On the side of the pedal is a convenient and accessible three-position switch that allows you to choose one of our three most popular Cry Baby Wah voices, covering the full frequency spectrum. The H setting gives you the aggressive modern sound of the GCB95, M provides the midrange growl of vintage wah pedals, and L provides a sound thats dark and rich.



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