Digitech CARCOSA fuzz effect pedal


DOD by Digitech CARCOSA fuzz effect pedal

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<p>The DOD Carcosa Fuzz is a doorway into an alternate fuzz universe, where classic tones of legend coexist with splattered and shattered Pollock abstractions. Combining the Carcosa’s wide-ranging AFTER bias control with two toggle positions creates tones that range from porcine fatness to desiccated shards. This versatility makes the Carcosa Fuzz a good companion for dirty or clean amps. True bypass, tons of output, and the visage of the King in Yellow sets the stage for fuzzy madness.</p><p>The DOD Carcosa Fuzz has an exaggerated mid-range and treble character that help it stand out in a mix. It has been designed to cut through a dense and heavy band but still have great note articulation with chords. However, when extreme bias (AFTER) ranges are selected many wild and over-the-top sounds are possible.</p>

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