Diamond Amplification F4 100 Watt All Tube Guitar Amplifier Head


Diamond Amplification F4 100 Watt All Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

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Part of the Vanguard Series, the F4 is the more cost effective sister to the Phantom. Heavy, percussive distortion tones mark the modern but more moderately priced F4. A Diamond product through and through, the 2-channel F4’s front panel boasts a dialable “deep” control, and the front panel has a “bright” switch as well. Front panel controls also include a master volume, and a full range of tone controls (Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence) for both channels.Like all current and future Diamond Amplification products, the F4 features the highest quality components and construction. The F-4 uses 5 12AX7 preamp tubes and 4x 5881’s for its power stage. Each part was personally spec’d and tested by Diamond to ensure maximum performance and reliability, from the transformers to the switches and knobs.The head features perforated metal grille in the Tolex wrapped front panel, and an accompanying black grille on the back finished in black powder coating. Even the knobs are metal for look and feel. Green LED’s light the inside of the head as well. Priced for the working musician, and everything he needs in one package, the F4 delivers.Features:100 watts (4 x 5881 – 5 x 12AX7)2 channels (Channel 1 – Clean/Channel 2 – Crunch)Full tone controls (both channels) Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, PresenceFront panel dialable “deep” control and front panel voicing switchBright SwitchOhm selector switch for 4, 8 or 16ohm output.All components specifically spec’d and tested by Diamond before inclusion in the product.Independent LED’s indicate which volume/gain is active and whether the boost is engaged.

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