CAD GXL Series GXLIEM Wireless Single Unit In Ear Monitor System


CAD GXL Series GXLIEM16 Channel Frequency Agile Wireless Single Unit In Ear Monitor System

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The CAD GXLIEM Single-Mix Mono In-Ear Wireless Monitoring System provides musicians and actors with a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for hearing themselves clearly, enhancing their performance during live shows. Added benefits to in-ear monitoring include consistent sound from venue to venue or wherever the performers go on stage, increased freedom of movement, and less feedback when working with quiet vocalists.

Single-Mix Transmitter, Great for the Whole Band


  • The system comes with a GXLIEM base transmitter, one bodypack receiver, and one pair of MEB1 earsets. The GXLIEM transmits a mono mix to the performer wearing the bodypack receiver.


  • For shows with more than one performer, you can add as many receivers as needed to your system (additional receivers available separately).

Fast to Set Up and Easy to Use


  • The robust, all-metal 1/2 rack transmitter features removable antennas and can be rackmounted in flight cases or permanent installations using the included hardware.

  • ScanLink technology with infrared transmitter setup precisely scans 16 frequencies and selects the cleanest channel for clear audio at a range up to 100′. Quickly pair the transmitter and receiver at the press of a button.

  • The system operates in the 900 MHz band, free from TV signal interference.

  • High-contrast LCD displays on both the transmitter base and the receiver show frequency channel and battery level.

  • The bodypack receiver is equipped with a volume knob for comfortable listening and operates for up to 10 hours on two AA batteries. The auto-lock feature prevents settings from being altered accidentally.



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