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Audio Technica At4041 Cardioid Condenster Studio Microphone


Audio Technica AT4041 Cardioid Studio Condenser Microphone

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This premium electret condenser microphone is engineered to meet the most critical acoustic requirements of professional recording, broadcast and live sound. The AT4041 cardioid studio condenser microphone features a smooth, extended frequency response with a slight rise in the high-frequency region and a transformerless output for very high SPL-handling capability. A unique combination of audio excellence and moderate cost, the AT4041 is a rugged microphone housed in a case of turned brass with black chrome plating for durability and low reflectivity. The element back plate holds a fixed charge and has been aged to provide energy stabilization. The surface of the back plate is precision milled to ensure maximum charge linearity, resulting in a reduction in both frequency response peaks and diaphragm break-up distortion. 

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