Acoustic Electric Guitars

World Music Supply offers a wide selection of acoustic electric guitars that combine the rich, natural sound of an acoustic guitar with the versatility of an electric guitar. These instruments are perfect for musicians who want to amplify their acoustic performances or explore a range of sonic possibilities. Our acoustic electric guitars feature built-in pickups and preamps, allowing you to easily connect to an amplifier or sound system. Whether you’re playing live on stage or recording in the studio, these guitars deliver exceptional sound quality and performance. With various body styles, tonewoods, and finishes available, you can find the perfect acoustic electric guitar to match your style and preferences. Experience the best of both worlds with our premium acoustic electric guitars at World Music Supply.

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  • Alvarez AD60CE Acoustic Electric Guitar Natural Finish
  • af66ceshb-5326.jpg
  • Alvarez AFA95CESHB Acoustic Electric Guitar Red Cedar Top Acacia Back & Sides
  • Alvarez AG60CEAR Acoustic Electric Guitar Natural Finish
  • age95ceshb.jpg
  • Alvarez Artist Elite Grand Auditorium Shadowburst Acoustic Electric with Slim Bevel Edge A
  • dymr70sb.jpg
  • Artist Elite Grand Auditorium Acoustic Electric with Cutaway EQ & Tuner
  • Breedlove PSCN42CEMYMY Pursuit Exotic S Concert Tiger's Eye Cutaway Electric Acoustic Myr
  • Breedlove Artista Pro Concert Burnt Amber Acoustic Electric w/ Case Ser# CC221104325
  • Breedlove Artista Pro Concertina Burnt Amber Acoustic Electric w/ Case Ser# CC2212103165
  • Breedlove Artista Pro Concerto Burnt Amber Acoustic Electric w/ Case Ser# CC221203194
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