What are the essential drum accessories for my drum set?

It can often be challenging to find innovative products that are useful and practical.

Today we’re looking at 10 drumming accessories that you need to check out. These aren’t going to be the standard drum accessories you’ll find them at worldmusicsupply.com or you can get them in your nearby music store:-

1. Holder for sticks

We’ve all had the difficulty, whether on stage or in the practise room: where to keep your sticks safe, such as in a stick bag, but yet within reach and ready for action. The stick holder is simply adjustable to fit any cymbal or hi-hat stand. It comes in two styles: one for a single pair of drumstricks and another for several pairs of drumstricks.

2. Cymbal lock with quick release

Simply push the buttons, insert the Cymbal Mate, and release to quickly secure your cymbal on any stand up to 8mm in diameter. The Tama Quick Cymbal Mate significantly lowers the time it takes to assemble your kit, making the long search for lost cymbal screws in dimly lit stages a thing of the past.

3. Adapter for tuning keys

Every drummer should have a tuning key for his or her drums. The Evans drill bit is an electric screwdriver adaptor that works with all standard drum fastening screws. This saves time on upkeep, giving you more time to play.

4. drum rug

Power slides, as Jack Black kindly illustrated in “Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny,” are handy for guitarists but not so much for drummers. A Thomann drum rug will not only save you from slipping, but it will also help you define your territory on stage and in the rehearsal area. It also provides adequate covering for bigger settings and is visually appealing. For those interested in various designs, Meinl offers camo or an oriental motif.

5. Pedal for double bass drums

The double bass pedal should not be limited to heavy music lovers; it should be included in every current drumkit. The DW 3002 Pedal is suitable for beginning double bass drummers. The Millenium PD-222 is also a fan favourite on the racetrack. Advanced sprinters, strap yourself up with the Pearl Demon Drive and you’re ready to grab F1 pole position.

6. Drum Effect

We recommend putting a traditional 10″ Brass Side Snare by Millennium under the hood for unique accents and a second higher snare sound that contrasts significantly from the main snare. For individuals wishing to widen their percussion sounds, we offer the Meinl Drummer Timbale or the DW Piccolo Toms.

7. Drum Bags

When a drummer’s first time on stage, they frequently face a major challenge: how to move their valuable gear securely. The Millenium Tour Drum Bag Set Fusion 1 is an excellent alternative for protecting your drum kit from knocks and scratches. If that isn’t enough, the set of Ahead Armor bags allows you to carry even more gear. And if that isn’t difficult enough for you, check out this Hardcase Drum Case Set.

8. The metronome

If one of your bandmates brings you a metronome, it’s generally an indication that you need to work on your time. In any case, it’s always a smart idea. The Korg MA-1 can be of tremendous aid and is small enough to fit in a pocket. The Tama Rw30 has a variety of features and programmed rhythms and is reasonably priced. If you require a metronome on stage, the Millenium Rhythmpumper is more than adequate owing to its power adapter.

9. Drummer Earphones

You can’t overlook the Vic Firth SIH 1 if you want to hear your metronome click more clearly or just play along to your favourite music while protecting your hearing. The t.bone HD 990D headphones are a solid budget option. Another tip: for a genuine studio environment on the ears, consider miking your setup with a couple more mics.

10. Microphone for bass drum

You may mic and boost the bottom drum sound to add texture and thickness. The t.bone provides a useful and reasonably priced range, such as the BD 300 Bundle, which contains a microphone and a tripod. Moving up in price, we discover AKG’s legendary D 112 MKII. Connect the cable, send it to the mixer, and we’re all set to go!

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